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We are a professional manufacturer with 20 years industry experience of agricultural machinery including rice transplanter, transplanter, harvester and so on. We have a large number of farm machines of different specifications and customization service is available to satisfy different requirements.

    1. Upland Crop Transpanter
    2. Upland Crop Transpanter Usually transplantation of 0.7 mu/day can be finished manually, but with the help of our transplanter, the efficiency can reach up to 20mu/day.
    1. Tobacco Transpanter
    2. Tobacco Transpanter With special ditch opener and advanced soil covering device, the seedlings transplanted by this machine have a high survival rate.
    1. Vegetables Transpanter
    2. Vegetables Transpanter Different vegetable varieties have different planting requirements, so different vegetable transplanters must be selected.
    1. 2ZB-1 Baby Compact Transplanter
    2. 2ZB-1 Baby Compact Transplanter Baby compact transplanter is 4-6 times more efficient than manual transplanter. High survival rate: the seedlings can be hardly injured and have good verticality using this machine.
    1. 2ZBX Baby Compact Transplanter
    2. 2ZBX Baby Compact Transplanter Convenient maintenance: the baby compact tansplanter adopts modular structure, and each unit can complete the work independently, which is convenient for maintenance.
    1. 2ZL-2 Foxdrive Plus Transplanter
    2. 2ZL-2 Foxdrive Plus Transplanter Thefoxdrive plus transplanter is easy to repair with a modular structure composed of units. The transplanter uses advanced covering devices to ensure even soil covering.
    1. 2ZQ-4 Foxdrive Plus Transplanter
    2. 2ZQ-4 Foxdrive Plus Transplanter Good adaptability: both bare root seedlings and bowl seedlings can be transplanted; row spacing, inter-plant spacing, planting depth, row number can be adjusted according...

Relying on outstanding design and production strengths, we are one of China’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. We have a factory outfitted with farm machinery production equipment, experienced workers, and expert engineers specializing in the design of farm equipment. All our agricultural equipment is designed and produced according to the farmers’ needs. Our products, including planting machines and harvesting machines are easy to operate, efficient, and durable.

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