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We are a professional manufacturer with 20 years industry experience of agricultural machinery including rice transplanter, transplanter, harvester and so on. We have a large number of farm machines of different specifications and customization service is available to satisfy different requirements.

    1. 4LBZ-1480 Combine Harvesters
    2. 4LBZ-1480 Combine Harvesters Strong power: We choose a vertical four-stroke water-cooled diesel engine, which has a strong power of 60 horsepower to ensure stable harvesting and high efficiency.
    1. 4LBZ-145 Combine Harvesters
    2. 4LBZ-145 Combine Harvesters Easy to operate: comfortable seats and clear vision can ensure safe operation; Short stubble will be left with this machine, which is conducive to the next crop sowing.
    1. 4LZ-1.0 Combine Harvesters
    2. 4LZ-1.0 Combine Harvesters This combine harvester features high quality, high efficiency, low failure rate, good price and short payback period.

Relying on outstanding design and production strengths, we are one of China’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. We have a factory outfitted with farm machinery production equipment, experienced workers, and expert engineers specializing in the design of farm equipment. All our agricultural equipment is designed and produced according to the farmers’ needs. Our products, including planting machines and harvesting machines are easy to operate, efficient, and durable.

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